At each site we manage, we will…
  • Be responsible for the entire law enforcement component  and for all other personnel, making sure they are properly equipped, trained, and managed in a way which allows them to be as effective as possible.
  • Rehabilitate wildlife habitat, where necessary and reintroduce species that have become locally extinct.
  • Actively manage animal populations to optimize their long-term viability, including by means of translocations between sites.
  • Work with partners to implement community programs to maximize the benefits to local people flowing from the areas in which we work and mitigate any adverse effects from these areas on communities, especially due to human–wildlife conflict.
  • Engage with the private sector to test and implement both proven and innovative mechanisms for securing sustainable financing including Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) and environmentally-responsible tourism to help ensure the financial viability of the areas we manage and to maximize their economic and social impact.
  • Adopt proven, scientific monitoring methods to assess Asian Arks’ effectiveness, thus enabling us to identify which management interventions are having the intended impact. By doing so, we will be able to rapidly and iteratively adapt our activities to maximise conservation gains.
  • Fully exploit advances in technology such as remote sensing, ground-based automatic monitoring units, and data-fusion technologies so that our protected area managers will have cost-effective, real-time measures of the threats to and trends in biodiversity in their areas.

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