ResearchGate: Troy_Hansel

Troy Hansel


Troy Hansel has worked for the conservation of protected areas and wildlife in South East Asia since 1990.  His expertise includes:

Conservation Planning and Monitoring: Assisting government staff to create conservation management plans and monitor intervention success. Using the Open Standards for Practice of Conservation to allow practitioners to identify project scope, vision, conservation targets, threats to biodiversity, followed by a plan of strategies to address the direct and indirect threats.

Protected Area Management: Working with teams of PA managers and staff capable of implementing conservation strategies, such as: 1) Enforcement of Legislation, 2) Community Outreach and Education, 3) Research & Monitoring, and 4) Tourism.

Constituencies for Biodiversity Conservation: Developing outreach and education strategies with the aim of building a constituency for conservation from villagers, city dwellers, and urban elite who will reduce the threats to the biodiversity.

Wildlife Trafficking: Combating the illegal wildlife trafficking in SE Asia.

Capacity Building: Training and mentoring conservationists in Thailand, Lao, Cambodia and Myanmar for more than 25 years.

Project Implementation: Implementing the project cycle (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Evaluation, Closure) alongside government, INGO, bilateral and multilateral aid projects for more than 20 years.